Adult Classes

It’s never too late to start learning Hindi!

Our Hindi language courses for adults are based on the International Policy and Framework for languages, which carefully measures the proficiency level as the student progresses. The group classes for each Hindi language course are listed below. Each lesson is 1.5 hours, of which 30 minutes is be dedicated to the Indian culture and civilisation.

The actual speed of teaching depends to a large extent on the students’ willingness to learn and contribute, so actual class speed might vary. Private or semi-private teaching can be arranged as these typically offer the benefit of greater flexibility, speed and depth of teaching. A detailed timetable will be provided on the date of commencement.

Week Description
Week 1 Introduction of Alphabet: vowels, consonant, half letters, pronunciation, reading and writing, and making words.
Week 2 Sentence structure: tenses, gender, synonyms, homonyms and basic grammar.
Week 3 Conversation: vocabulary, reading articles, questions and answer, and debate.
Week 4 Revision and spelling test, vocabulary test, grammar test
Week 5

Conversation: daily life, talking to a doctor or shopkeeper,

focus on military terms

Week 6

Knowledge about Indian history and culture, talking on phone,

talking to a senior officer, oral test