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Hindi is the official language of India and it’s half a billion residents. Apart from its exotic tourist sites, many companies outsource jobs to India, making Hindi an essential skill for work or everyday life.

In Singapore, students may take Hindi as their Mother Tongue language. With the increased demand for Hindi-speakers, it is a good idea to start children with the solid foundation needed to succeed in Hindi. Many schools and courses become available to the student who knows Hindi.

At Agape School of Education, we provide holistic and quality courses for primary school students, which follow the MOE syllabus so your child is always on the right track.

Many corporations currently outsource jobs to India. Even if you don’t intend to move to India, you might find yourself dealing with native Hindi-speakers.

India is also a rapidly increasing and thriving economy and businesses that wish to expand into India should familiarise themselves with the language and culture. Contact Agape School to enquire about our customisable courses that can meet any need!

Do you feel hindered from connecting with your friends and family because you don’t know Hindi? Perhaps you want to learn Hindi as it’s your partner’s native language and you want to surprise them or improve communication between you two.

Whatever your need, Agape School can provide courses tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today!

India is one of the most exotic tourist locations in the world, from the fabulous white-domed Taj Mahal to the delicious cups of steaming chai tea. Visitors come to see Delhi’s landmarks, enjoy Goa’s sandy beaches, marvel at Karnataka’s monumental architecture, experience Mumbai’s cosmopolitan nightlife and admire the palaces of Rajasthan.

If you are planning a trip to see these wonders, familiarity with Hindi is key to a smooth and enjoyable visit. Navigation, ordering in a restaurant and even checking into your hotel will be a breeze if you are able to communicate well. While our course covers topics relevant to travel, if you prefer a custom course that meets specific needs, contact us for more information!

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Adult Classes
Our Hindi course is developed to enable learners to achieve competency in using and understanding basic Hindi with confidence. Students would be taught the necessary skills of reading, listening, conversing and writing to assist immersion into the language in a creative, fun and engaging way. Our student-centred learning environment focuses on the needs and learning styles of the students. We believe in giving the opportunity for students to build a strong knowledge foundation and to develop learning skills. Private or semi-private teaching can be arranged as these courses typically offer the benefit of greater flexibility, speed and depth of teaching.
Mother Tongue in-Lieu
At Agape School of Education, we offer special second language courses for children who have received the Ministry of Education (MOE) approval for their child to study Hindi as a Mother Tongue in Lieu. Our courses are based on the MOE syllabus and taught by teachers who have experience with the local system.


Customised Classes
At Agape School of Education, we prioritise our students’ needs and requirements. Our individual and group courses are ideal for the demands of a flexible learning environment needed for working people. Whether you are taking up Hindi for formal or informal reasons, we are ready to assist. Just get in touch with us with your specific demands or to know further about the individual Hindi courses and we will be happy to accommodate your needs and goals.
Our Hindi teachers are native speakers who would share their extensive knowledge and offer a wide range of insights into the Hindi language and culture. Let us introduce them to you.

At the Hindi Desk of Agape School of Education, you would have the opportunities to learn the Hindi language and culture through the various Hindi language programs, as well as receive all assistance and enquiries that you might have regarding the Hindi language and culture.

Send your enquiries to [email protected] so that we could provide you with more information on our Hindi language courses.

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